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Need a Good Templar Build for Elder Scrolls Online?

Templar leveling buildTemplar Leveling Builds – gaining experience fast! There are several ways to level a Templar pretty fast. Level 1-50 using solar barrage, explosive charge and reflective light – then spam biting jabs – It’s very effective and kills all! With over-charged Magicka regeration and 5 light armor, you can destroy groups of mobs (even veteran level mobs) by Reflective Light spamming – it’s pretty easy to level up this way. Also for Templar leveling, some people like to use the Sun Fire skill line and its morphs. The snare, DoT and the range are very useful and effective for crushing the majority of mobs. Still, Reflective Light morphs are the best for encountering equal level mobs of 3 or 4 simply by spamming the reflective light. See the videos and visit the ESO resource websites below for the best Templar builds for all play styles!

The videos and website links below are more than enough good information to build yourself a super powerful Templar. Have Fun!

ESO Templar Builds and Guides

Get PvP and PvE Templar DPS, healer, mage and tanking builds for all play styles at Tamriel Foundry, ESO Official Forums and Templar Eso builds @ eso universe. Between these 3 pages you will gain great insight to build the best eso templar…

  • Temp 2h /bow med armor solo pvp build
  • Sun Templar DPS/Bow build
  • Heavy armor sword & board Templar
  • Templar destruction staff build guide
  • Templar PvP healer with and without staff
  • Discussion on skills that work well and synergies.
  • Armor and weapon traits/Armor sets
  • Tactics in PVE for Trials, solo & dungeons
  • Tactics for AVA for solo, small and large groups
  • DPS’ing, healing & tanking templars
  • The Dark Templar PvP Build

ESO Templar tanking mini guide – tank stats, gear, and skills – VR10 and many other great templar ideas and builds at eso universe, tamriel foundry, eso head.

Templar Passive Abilitlies:

Mending: While using a Restoring Light ability, increases Critical Strike chance on allies by up to 15%. Critical Strike chance increases the more Health an ally is missing.
Focused Healing: While using a Restoring Light ability, increases healing power by 15% to allies standing in area of protection created by Rite of Passage (ultimate), Cleansing Ritual (skill 4), or Rune Focus (skill 5).
Light Weaver: While using a Restoring Light ability, increases duration of Restoring Aura (skill 3) 10%. Reduces cost of Healing Ritual (skill 2) 10%. Gains X Armor and Spell Resistance while channeling Rite of Passage (ultimate).
Master Ritualist: Increases Resurrection speed by 50%. Affected allies resurrect with 50% more Health. 50% chance to gain a soul gem upon successful resurrect.