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Maximum DPS – Nightblade Best Builds for ESO

Best Nightblade Build

The Nightblade DPS build can be very powerful and well crafted using each skill line to produce a very formidable character. Great tank builds and healing builds are also popular for the Nightblade but I’d have to say the DPS builds are best for Nightblades.

For a DPS build to be successful, you will concentrate on the Nightblade’s stealthy abilities from Shadowing. This skill line will allow you to continuously attack while protecting yourself from enemy counter-attacks. The majority of your damage as a Nightblade will be the Assassin and Siphon skill lines. Wear them down with Siphoning and finish them with Assassin abilities. For your DPS Nightblade build, Drain power, Strife, Agony and soul shred are the recommended skills from Siphoning.

Haste and Death Stroke are amazing DPS skills, Assassin’s Blade & Mark Target, also from the Assassination line, are very handy for the DPS Nightblade!

Weapon & Armor: Daggers are great weapons along with swords as you receive bonuses for pairing them. Or use a good bow together with Teleport Strike (Assassin line). DPS Nightblades will be best using either light & medium armor or a good set of medium armor. You can see further guides to help build a stealthy, high-powered DPS Nightblade in ESO, as well as tanking and healing builds at eso universe.

The Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade Siphoning abilities are used to breakdown your enemies so you can easily defeat them with your Assassin skills. High DPS builds are relatively easy to create using a good guide. Find several videos and guides for 1,000-1,200+ DPS builds for Nightblade at Eso Universe!

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