What to look for when buying a pressure cleaning machine

Pressure cleaning is the best way to remove stubborn grease and dirt that can’t be removed by normal cleaning methods. Pressure cleaning uses a high pressure cleaning method that blasts water at high speeds to remove dirt or dust. Pressure cleaning can be a great and effective way of getting rid of stubborn dirt, dust and grime from the floor, patio or roof shingles. You can also clean up grease and oil stains off your driveway. Pressure cleaning can use a variety of pressures, which are denoted by the PSI acronym. This stands for pounds per indentation. It is easy to understand and used in engineering in many applications like ship building, aircraft, and underwater exploration.

The PSI factor is what most people love about pressure cleaning tools. The more PSI a device has, they believe it will work better to remove dirt and dust. You only need to have a PSI of 1900 for most household purposes. This would suffice to clean your fences, cars, boats, and stubborn dirt from the patio. You will need a PSI 2900 to remove stubborn stains or grease and oil stains from your driveway. Anything beyond that, you will need a commercial grade product of 3000 to 500 PSI that can strip the paint off a car. It is unlikely that you will apply a commercial grade product to your truck or car. So, anything between 2900 PSI to 3000 PSI should suffice.

If you are looking for a machine to purchase, make sure it is perfect for your needs. A wrong item can cause damage to tiles and roofs as well as damage driveways and concrete pavements. The high-powered pressure cleaner is powerful and should be used cautiously. You want to clean your roof but not make a 2″ hole in it.