Upper Face Rejuvenation: Aging Of The Brow

As the face gets older, it loses the volume discover more here. The skin loses elasticity. It wrinkles. And the soft tissues shrink. In the upper face (or what we call brow), this can cause wrinkles to appear across the forehead. There may also be wrinkles between the eyes (11 lines), the lowering of the eyebrows and increased heaviness within the upper lids. In some cases, the weight of the upper eyelids may cause patients’ forehead muscles to be constantly contracted in an effort to hold their eyebrows up and ULs. This can cause even more wrinkles.

In the temples, we can see a loss of volume. With age, patients become increasingly hollow. This condition can be related to hooding and can interfere with the patient’s ability to see. After the age of 30, patients start to see changes in their upper lids and eyebrows. Patients come to consultations often because of the excess skin in their ULs that bothers them. It’s crucial to me that I know how the patient appeared in their 20s and early 30s. This will help me make an informed recommendation. It is essential to consider the position of your eyebrows. You should also take into consideration the height and shape of your eyebrows. It is important to also evaluate the effect the eyebrow’s position has on upper eyelid.

A patient may believe their upper eyelids are the cause of their problem. If we compare their earlier photographs, it becomes clear that the problem does not lie with the upper lids. Instead, the brow has dropped. If the brow position has dropped, we recommend a brow lift to restore the youthfulness of your upper face. If, however, their brow is still the same position as when they were younger, then upper eyelids blepharoplasty would be recommended. In certain cases, patients can have both upper-eyelid redundancy AND brow descent. In these cases we recommend both treatments. In order to rejuvenate your eyebrow, you must take into account the existing aging changes. The surgeon should not only consider the position of eyebrows, but also wrinkled skin. The wrinkles in the brows are caused when muscles cause the skin to fold. The 11 lines between your eyebrows are caused the corregators, the muscles that bring the two together. The procerus (muscle) located between the brows and nose causes wrinkles along the top part of the nose. The frontalis is the muscle over the broadness on the brow that causes wrinkles in the forehead. The depressors muscles lower the brow.

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